Job Description

You promote the creative development and content amplification strategies based around Social Media. Twitter is your vehicle of choice, but never overlooking other media that support our brand development. Being a sports enthusiast will help tremendously, and online gaming expertise will be a huge plus.

What you will own & improve:

  1. Social Channels: You will be responsible for executing our marketing strategy across social channels including Twitter, Facebook, IG, YouTube, as well as tasked with exploring other channels .
  2. Copy Creation & Execution: You will be responsible for writing social captions, responding to comments and messages, and creating a schedule of content that is engaging and entertaining.
  3. Build our Online Community : You will build an online community that features our articles, video, and podcast content while highlighting our product feature updates and events. Expected to initiate posts and participate actively to maintain user engagement through real interaction online.
  4. Brand representation:  You will represent the brand in the most meaningful way to attract and engage users and promote quality traffic.


What you already know:

  1. How to conduct research in the gaming industry to build hashtags, campaigns, and copy that will resonate within our users.
  2. You must have the ability to identify and track relevant community metrics 
  3. Knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels is your bread and butter
  4. Multiple design tools knowledge is a major plus!
  5. You are a leader with a track record managing high performance teams
  6. Networking ability and either Sales or Marketing experience will definitely add value


How success is measured:

1.       Effective conceptualization, design and implementation of a social strategy in a sports enthusiast community

2.       The ability to track the success of your campaigns with analytics that tie directly to company KPIs, including Google Analytics and basic SEO tools.

3.       Reach (increasing channel growth and engagement)

4.       Mentions (increasing brand awareness, conversations, positive sentiment)

5.       Referral Traffic